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AccessEngineering: Interactive Tools

Instructional Videos

Watch AccessEngineering's problem-solving videos showing worked solutions to engineering, math and science problems, as well as demonstrations of engineering equipment and processes.

Use the Videos content tab from search or browse results or from within book content to see available videos.  All videos include closed captioning and full transcripts.

See all available Videos in AccessEngineering

Shows video landing page with transcript link and closed captioning highlighted

Graphs & Tables

Thousands of interactive graphs and downloadable tables available in AccessEngineering make it easy to analyze essential engineering data and confidently use it in real-world projects.

Use the Book Component filter from search or browse results to easily filter to graph and table results, or use the content tabs within a book chapter to find graphs and tables available in that chapter.  

All graphs, tables, figures, and other book content can be shared with a direct URL. 

See all available Graphs and Tables in AccessEngineering

Shows graph and table with interactive elements highlighted, including share button for direct URL

Spreadsheet Calculators

AccessEngineering's Excel spreadsheet calculators contain embedded data and formulas to streamline complex calculations.  

Features of AccessEngineering's spreadsheet calculators include:

  1. Toggle between Metric and Imperial units before downloading
  2. View spreadsheet in context to see book chapters where information is pulled from
  3. Utilize multiple sheets within each spreadsheet for variations of complex calculations
  4. Input values and see changes in results and any associated diagrams
  5. Find additional information on equations used and links to source titles in AccessEngineering

See all available Spreadsheets in AccessEngineering

Shows spreadsheet landing page and spreadsheet in Excel

Case Studies

Case Studies are designed to be used in case method teaching, presenting real-world examples of engineering applications along with questions and problems tied to specific ABET learning objectives.

Case Studies contain detailed background information and question sets divided by focus area.  Each case also comes with instructor resources including a user guide and solutions manual (see more on instructor resources here).

See all available Case Studies in AccessEngineering

Image showing AccessEngineering case study layout

Example Problems

Many titles in AccessEngineering contain worked example problems with step by step solutions. Use the Book Component filter from search or browse results to easily filter to example problem results, or use the Examples content tabs within a book chapter to find problems available in that chapter.  

See all available Example Problems in AccessEngineering


Shows Filter by Book Component option with Examples filter highlighted, and Examples tab within book chapter with view in context link highlighted

Finding Equations

Quickly find content on common named engineering equations using AccessEngineering's Equations filter.  From search or browse results, select the Equations filter to open a list of named equations and limit results to those specifically referring to your equation of interest.

See Equations Filter in AccessEngineering

Shows Filter by Equations option from Results screen

Finding Codes & Standards Commentary

AccessEngineering makes it easy to find commentary on and explanations of how to apply specific engineering codes and standards. From search or browse results, select the Codes & Standards filter to limit your results by a specific code or standard.  From the homepage, select the Code Commentary link under the title rotator to see a list of all available titles in this category. 

See Codes & Standards Filter in AccessEngineering

Shows Filter by Codes & Standards option from Results screen