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AccessEngineering: For Faculty

Distance Learning Guide

Download our Distance Learning flyer for tips on using AccessEngineering tools and resources for the remote classroom.

Thumbnail image of distance learning flyer

Guide to Durable URLs

Download our durable URL guide for instructions on how to share direct links to content on AccessEngineering including book chapters, videos, spreadsheets, case studies, and even specific figures, graphs, and tables.

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Instructor Resources

Instructor and student supplemental textbook resources are available for some titles on AccessEngineering. These supplemental materials are available directly from a textbook’s landing page, under the Resources tab, with links to download available content. Instructor resources include PowerPoint slides, solutions manuals, lab instructions, and additional material.

Several of these resources (such as solutions manuals) are locked and access is available only upon verification of instructor status.  Instructions for requesting access are included on the Resources tab, and the first step is creating or logging in to an AccessEngineering personal account (see more here). 

Once your personal account has been granted instructor rights, just log in and you will have access to all instructor resources available on the site (see directions below).

See a full list of titles with available Instructor Resources (also available for all Case Studies and most DataVis Projects)

Shows steps to log in to personal account and access instructor resources

  1. Log in to AccessEngineering through your library
  2. Use the yellow “My Account” button in the top right corner of the site to log in to your personal account
    • Select “Login via email/username” and enter your email address
    • Use the “Forgot password?” link if you need to reset your password
  3. Once you are logged in, navigate to the title of interest
    • You should now have access to the linked resources on the “Resources” tab
    • You can also access any instructor resources for any title on the site

Faculty-Led Webinars

View recordings of our recent faculty-led webinars to hear how faculty are using AccessEngineering resources in their classrooms.

Using AccessEngineering in Remote Instruction with Dr. Carlotta A. Berry

Engineering Exams in the Remote Classroom with Dr. Jim Stone

Using AccessEngineering’s BME Case Studies in Remote Instruction

Course Browse

AccessEngineering's Course Browse option was designed to help faculty map our content to the curriculum of common engineering courses.  The Course taxonomy is organized to follow the outline of a typical syllabus, with topics and subtopics arranged in the order in which they would be taught in a course.

See Course Browse in AccessEngineering

Browse by course box showing example Chemical Thermodynamics course