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AccessEngineering: DataVis Material Properties Tool

DataVis Video Tutorial

DataVis User Guide

Using DataVis

DataVis is AccessEngineering’s powerful data search and visualization tool for material properties. Designed by faculty, DataVis displays property data in interactive dot-plots and scatterplots across a carefully curated dataset of over 200 materials and 65 properties.

The Take me to DataVis button on the AccessEngineering homepage opens up DataVis, shown below. The View DataVis projects button opens a list of available projects.  DataVis projects also appear in search and browse results and can be found on the DataVis tab.

See the images below for a detailed look at the features available in DataVis. 

DataVis main landing page

  1. Compare properties across multiple materials in an interactive plot
  2. Easily find a property value for a single material
  3. Open a sample project from our library of preexisting faculty created projects

  1. Select the one property option to view a dot-plot
  2. Select two properties to view a scatterplot
  3. Choose one or two properties from the list provided or use the search bar
  4. Add more visualizations of either type to your workspace
  5. Select specific materials from the five classifications or search for a specific material
  6. Select materials in a certain range using the plot toolbar at the top or the sliding scale and min/max input at the bottom
  7. View, reorder, or export tabular data on the materials and properties selected
  8. Add descriptions and additional pages to create a project to save or share
  9. Add related content, from AccessEngineering or elsewhere, for reference or further reading

DataVis Tool

DataVis Material Properties AccessEngineering

Explore material properties using DataVis, AccessEngineering's interactive data visualization tool.

Click below to access DataVis or see a list of DataVis projects:

Take me to DataVis

View DataVis projects

Explore DataVis

DataVis Material Properties AccessEngineering

Use DataVis to visually explore materials and their properties.  Find and compare material property data, then save your interactive visualizations and share with others.

Compare properties across multiple materials

Find a property value for a single material