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Case Files: Teaching Cases Collection: Getting Started

Cases Task Bar

Use the Task Bar above the case list to filter and search for cases.


The Task Bar in the instructor login in Teaching Case Files allows the user to filter cases by Disciplines, Organ Systems, and Competencies. 

  • Disciplines -- filter cases to those in traditional science areas
  • Organ Systems -- filter cases by more clinically-related areas
  • Competency -- filter cases by clinical competency areas important for an effective, functioning clinician


The Task Bar also allows the user to search for cases by name, author, or competency. 

NOTE: Cases are subdivided by system, e.g. Cases 1-4 are Immune System. Cases are presented and available by pre-clinical and clinical concentrations (Pre-clinical is Column A; Clinical is Column B).


To manage your profile in Teaching Case Files, select your profile image/username in the lower left in the menu. On the profile page, users can manage their names, email address, and passwords.

PBL & Teaching Case Files

How to Use Teaching Cases Files

  1. The Teaching Cases is comprised of 100 carefully-crafted clinical cases that are peer reviewed. The cases encompass the wide variety of medicine.  They are designed for both small group PBL interactive discussions, large group discussions, or student independent study.
  2. For PBL, you can simply assign the case and use only the THOUGHT QUESTIONS. You can use the Thought Questions one at a time and have your students define learning issues and research them. Meanwhile, as a faculty member, you can see all of the directed questions in case you want to bring out some points.
  3. For small group discussion, you may elect to TURN OFF THOUGHT QUESTIONS and only use the directed questions which are signified by the blue circles on the left panel road map. You can turn on off the toggle so your students can see what you would like.
  4. What I recommend at this time with the COVID-19 pandemic (and the fact that you won’t have a chance to really prepare very much): This is EASY, takes no work on the instructor’s part except just to choose the case and the version (preclinical or clinical).
      1. They are broken up into preclinical and clinical and by systems
    2. SEND EMAIL regarding pre-reading; this is written for every case
    4. Schedule a time to discuss the topics and clinical course (you have faculty notes to be able to make points as you go through which students will not be able to see)
      1. NOTE: If you don’t have time to review with your students, simply give them a deadline and then assign the quiz. The quiz is designed to be difficult and assist students with their Step 1 exam.
    5. ASSIGN Quiz to students afterward

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Eugene Toy, MD

Editor in Chief, Case Files Collection


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