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AccessScience: Promoting AccessScience

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A Day in the Life of a College Student Using AccessScience

AccessScience Off-Campus Access

You can use AccessScience from your mobile device, tablet or laptop even when you are not connected to your institution's network. Simply download a Roaming Passport to your device.

A Roaming Passport is particularly useful when:

  • you are using a mobile device over a 3G, 4G, or 4G LTE network
  • your institution accesses the site through an IP address
  • you are using your mobile device when you are not connected to your institution's network


  1. Using the device for which you want a Roaming Passport, visit this page while connected to your institution’s network.
  2. Click the button at the bottom of the page to save a Roaming Passport to your device.
  3. Enjoy the freedom that mobile access offers!

Please Note

  • The lifetime of each Roaming Passport is six (6) months.
  • Logging out of the site will remove the Passport, requiring you to return to your Institution's site to re-authenticate and download a fresh Passport.
  • Roaming Passports are not available to public library patrons.

Click here to download the Roaming Passport to your device!

AccessScience Search Widget


Add the AccessScience Search Widget to your guides!  This widget is for libraries with IP authentication- for other versions of the embed code see this page:

AccessScience Faculty Email Templates

Use our faculty email templates to remind your colleagues of the resources available to them through your institution's AccessScience subscription.  This list includes a general email, as well as subject-specific emails highlighting relevant resources for different scientific disciplines.

The following emails are to remind faculty of all the resources available to them through the library's existing AccessScience subscription:

New to AccessScience?  Use the following email templates to announce your new subscription to your faculty:

AccessScience Web Banners

Use our web banner images to announce your new AccessScience subscription on your library website or social media.  Please reach out to if you need a different image size or other modifications.

Web banner text: introducing AccessScience connect to trusted, expert articles, videos, biographies and more. Now Available through your school's library

AccessScience MARC Records

Enhance your patrons' ability to discover AccessScience content with Machine-Readable Cataloging. MARC records for the 1000 most popular articles on AccessScience are available to download in MRC or XML format.

Tips for Students Using AccessScience

Tips for Faculty Using AccessScience