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AccessScience Faculty Email Templates

Use our faculty email templates to remind your colleagues of the resources available to them through your institution's AccessScience subscription. This list includes a general email, as well as subject-specific emails highlighting relevant resources for different scientific disciplines.

The following emails are to remind faculty of all the resources available to them through the library's existing AccessScience subscription:

New to AccessScience?  Use the following email templates to announce your new subscription to your faculty:

A Day in the Life of a College Student Using AccessScience

How does AccessScience help students complete assignments quickly and easily? Watch this video to find out!

AccessScience provides students with a much-needed source of expert, but easy-to-understand STEM content. Through a subscription to AccessScience, students can utilize all of AccessScience's articles, full-text books, briefings, videos, news and more at no extra cost to them! 

Don't have AccessScience? Find out about free trial options here:

AccessScience Web Banners

Promote your AccessScience subscription on your library website with our web banner. To use:

1. Download the best size for your library website 

2. Upload the image to your library website

3. Add a link to your institution's instance of AccessScience to the image so that it will take your users right to AccessScience

Web banner: Introducing AccessScience. Connect to trusted, expert articles, videos, biographies, and more. Now available through your university's library!