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AccessPharmacy: Navigating AccessPharmacy


In the Books tab in AccessPharmacy, you will find some of the leading current, authoritative text resources. Check out the library at these links:

Complete Full-Text Library

Archived Textbooks

  • In the archived textbooks page, browse previous editions of textbooks or other books retired from the site. The archive provides access to older editions of textbooks hosted on AccessPharmacy for purposes of reference.

Topics in Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice

Quick Reference

The Quick Reference section of AccessPharmacy provides quick diagnosis and treatment answers.


The Drug Monographs on AccessPharmacy can be searched, browsed alphabetically, or filtered by generics, trade names, and drug classes. Patient education handouts also are available in English and Spanish. The drug monographs are updated every two weeks.


Learn the fundamental principle of physical examination. Developed by The Ohio State University College of Medicine's Department of Family Medicine, these interactive modules bring the sights and sounds of the physical examination live.

Pharmacy Management Curriculum

Learn the fundamental principles of pharmacy management. These PowerPoints provide the user with lecture and comprehension questions.

The Pharmacology Lectures on AccessPharmacy provide short, student-friendly animations based upon Katzung & Trevor’s Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 12e.

Harrison's Pathophysiology Animations

Each episode covers a disease mechanism. The running time of each animation is a student-friendly 4-8 minutes. Nationally regarded educator Scott Stern, MD, from the Unversity of Chicago wrote and narrated each episode, giving our series authenticity often lacking on medical animations.  


The Cases tab in AccessPharmacy provides materials for short, targeted case-based learning. They vary slightly, but for each case you get a patient history and systems review, short answer questions, pharmacology pearls, and references.

Study Tools

The Study Tools tab in AccessPharmacy provides: 

  • Flashcards
  • Review Questions which are great for self-assessment with review Q&A. Users can generate random and custom quizzes, and the results can be emailed. You must be signed into your MyAccess account to use the Review Questions.
  • Top 300 Prescription Drug Challenge - Test yourself on the top 300 drugs. Tiers correspond to PharmD 4-year programs. Each tier should test content appropriate to the corresponding year.
  • Top 300 Drugs Flashcards - A fun, fast way to learn essential information about the top 300 most commonly prescribed drugs! These digital flashcards flip to reveal need-to-know facts, and each drug is accompanied by several multiple choice questions to test your memory skills.
  • Top 100 Nonprescription Drug Cards - Top 100 Non Prescription Drug Cards are designed to provide both pharmacological and clinical facts about active ingredients in non-prescription drugs.
  • Top 200 Injectable Flashcards - This set of flash cards provides key information about the top 200 most frequently ordered injectable medications. It includes the most common cancer chemotherapy agents, parenteral anti-infectives, medications administered intravenously to patients in the critical care environment, as well as the most common parenterally-administered specialty medications. These cards are a useful resource for students preparing for or participating in clerkships, internships and residency rotations in the hospital setting, in clinics (especially in cancer clinics and infusion centers), or in specialty pharmacies.
  • Top 100 Nonprescription Drug Challenge - Test yourself on the Top 100 Non-Prescription drugs. Tiers correspond to PharmD 4-year programs. Each tier should test content appropriate to the corresponding year.
  • Courses in Therapeutics and Disease State Management - Modules include course syllabi, powerpoint slides, and assessments designed for students seeking self-study and review and faculty developing course materials for online or traditional lecture formats.
  • Pill in the Blank - Test your skills with this hangman-inspired word game! Get hints to pharmacy study questions and guess letters to reveal the answers.
  • Play Showdown! - Challenge colleagues on their knowledge, quiz-bowl style! You and your opponent will battle through two rounds of questions, each with five categories ranging from 100 to 400 points, plus a final question worth 500 points. Like other turn-based games, you can play live or opt in to get email notifications when it's your turn. You can also hone your skills by challenging the computer.

Patient Education

The Patient Education handouts in AccessPharmacy provide:

  • Customizable handouts with comprehensive, reliable healthcare information available in adults, pediatrics, and medicines advisors in multiple languages.
  • If you are signed into your MyAccess profile, you can customize the handout. 
  • The handouts are written at an eighth grade reading level and are updated quarterly. 
  • Patient Education Tutorial - Access User Center

NAPLEX Central

NAPLEX Central - This is a comprehensive NAPLEX tool with questions, review videos, and selected readings. 

MPJE Review - The MJPE review guides were created by seasoned pharmacists who have recently taken and passed the MPJE® exams. Our state specific review tools are based off previous customer feedback. They are meant to be an extensive, yet simple guide to pass your board exams. These study guides will save you from weeks of frustration and help focus on key points to study for specific state MPJE® exams.

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